• Story so far...


    I crashed landed on a planet called Earth in a sector called Seattle on July 20th, 1981. I was quickly discovered and put into hiding by a family that kept my true identity a secret from the others called human.


    As I grew I felt there was a calling or power that was growing inside me that I was to use to help save these earthlings from a unknown evil that was all around. At what they call the age of 13, at a human’s house that I had become friends with, I was shown the skill of art and design, this was my calling. As time passed my skills kept growing rapidly, my eyes were finally open and learned that these humans were being made to suffer at the hands of a group that called themselves designers and I knew then and there that I must put a stop to them and deliver true designs that would free the people of earth. I saw the horrors  of bad type choices, kerning, horrible drawings and illustrations were everywhere.


    At the end of high school I decided to join the Art Institute and become an official designer but I was forced once again to take my skills into hiding by being forced into a job of becoming a baker. This hinder my true powers until they were forced to shut down. I once again was given the opportunity of building my skills up again with another group at Highline College. The process is almost complete and my powers are at full strength…I’m ready to reveal myself as a true designer that this Earth so desperately needs.